Here are some made up Frequently Asked Questions concerning this jigsaw puzzle website.

How do you prevent other players from messing up the pieces?
Players earn karma points for joining pieces on a puzzle. These points are temporary and only apply to each puzzle. Moving larger groups of pieces deduct these points as well as stacking pieces and other things. If a player gets too low of karma points they are temporarily blocked from moving any more pieces on that puzzle.
The puzzle page doesn't show any pieces.
Most likely because the web browser being used is not supported. Please use a more recent version. Supporting less capable browsers is not a top priority at this point.
What browsers are supported?
Only recent versions of Google Chrome, Safari, and FireFox are supported. iPhones and iPads running recent version of iOS are also supported. Other touch screen devices that run Android and have the Google Chrome browser should work. I mostly play on a Google Nexus phone which works pretty well on the smaller puzzles.
Are there any keyboard keys assigned?
Only the full scale puzzle has keyboard keys assigned to aid navigating around a puzzle. I haven't implemented keyboard navigation on the scaled down view of the puzzle.
  • w, a, s, and d keys will scroll jump in that direction (up, left, down, right)
  • shift + 0 - 9 keys set a jump point
  • 0 - 9 keys scroll to a set jump point
  • z key will go back to the previous scroll position after going to a jump point
The design and the user interface for the puzzle page changed. Why?!
Change is good, and I sometimes break stuff.
Read the changelog for this project.
This project is open source?
It didn't start off as an open source project when I first started it in 2011. I have recently moved it to being an open source project under the GNU Affero General Public License. I also decided to not include the past git commit history in order to clean up things. Pull requests are welcome. See the link to the project in the footer.
What software stack did you use?
Mostly built with python on the server side; more detail about the stack is on the credits page.
Can I create my own puzzle?
You can submit a picture that you would like to become a jigsaw puzzle.
You can also create copies (instances) of existing puzzles if you have an open puzzle slot. Puzzle slots are mostly a paid for feature and can be assigned to your player account.
Bit Icon?
I suppose this is my own made up thing. The idea is that a bit is like a game piece that is used to signify you as a player. Like being the horse or hat in Monopoly. For Puzzle Massive a bit icon is a somewhat temporary identity that is used while playing. Inactive players will have their bit icon recycled.
These icons are made by these two artists: Martin Berube and Mackenzie Deragon. I will eventually add more in the future.
How to login or signup?
It is not required to register a player account in order to play. By default, any new players are automatically assigned a new player account based on their network. They are then logged in with a web browser cookie. Players have the option to register their player account with an e-mail address which will allow them to login by e-mail.
Players that have claimed their player account have the option to login by using the anonymous login link. This link is created on the player profile page.
Where are the ads?
I think most people don't like ads, including me.
How is the project funded?
You can sponsor my open source work on the Puzzle Massive project. Any of the sponsor tier levels will get at least one puzzle instance slot.
I manually assign puzzle slots to players that have helped fund the project. I'll eventually have an automated way for players to buy these puzzle slots. A player with a puzzle slot can create copies of existing puzzles that they can control who has access to them.
Can I help in other ways?
  • Suggest features or submit bug reports.
  • Tell your friends and organize puzzle parties.
  • Suggest good images to use for new puzzles.
  • Hang out in the Discord chat channel and help new players.
  • Gain some experience and contribute to the Puzzle Massive project. Players that are helpful in these ways might be rewarded with a puzzle slot. Just ask.

    • Improve the documentation
    • Implement a new feature (fork it, create a pull request, profit!)
    • Fix a bug (the code isn't perfect, ya know)
    • Improve the text on the site so it reads better
    • Suggest an improvement to the design and function
What is a puzzle slot and puzzle instance?
Players can create copies of existing puzzles that they can control who has access to them. A player can only create a copy (instance) of a puzzle if they have a puzzle slot that is open. Puzzle slots are only assigned to player accounts manually by me. At this point it is not an automated process to buy puzzle slots.
Players that sponser me on the Puzzle Massive project are rewarded with a puzzle slot.