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Enjoy what you do. ;)

Hi. My name is Jake Hickenlooper and I've built this Puzzle Massive website for fun and frustration ;) . Well, sometimes it can be frustrating in a fun way. It is something that I enjoy doing and want to share it with whoever would appreciate it. The best way to keep the project successful is with the help from wonderful people like yourselves.

There are many ways to help with the Puzzle Massive project. Just like the jigsaw puzzles it hosts, it is a collaborative effort and has many ways that it can be improved. I want this project to continue to be available to anyone that enjoys doing online jigsaw puzzles.

  • Know how to make something look better; then suggest design changes.
  • You good with words? Great! this sentence could probably maybe use some helps and stuffs like well as other places on the site.
  • Learning how to program or just want to dive into a new and strange code base? Well, make a fork of the Puzzle Massive code and get it running on your own local machine. Please ask questions on the Discord chat channel. Or maybe start a topic on this discussion board.
  • Running a business that is using Puzzle Massive in some way? Great! Post something about it on the discussion board if you can. Or just let me know how you are using Puzzle Massive. If possible, please become a sponsor to show your support.

Financial donations to the project are greatly appreciated! Please either sign up with GitHub and sponsor the project that way, or you may send a donation via Thank you for your support.

I also love hearing from players that enjoy playing on Puzzle Massive. Please post in the Facebook group or send me an email. You could even send complaints that way...because sometimes good constructive feedback is warranted.

Here are a few websites of various artists that have inspired me. Let me know if there is an artist that you'd like listed here.

pssst... you looking to buy Puzzle Instance Slots? Well, they will be awarded to players that have achieved a certain score now. This isn't automatic yet, so if you'd like one then just post a comment on the Puzzle Massive issue #87 and ask for one. Make sure you include your player name and I'll get one set up for you.