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Visit the online store for Puzzle Massive to buy shippable products as well as digital ones. At the moment, only Puzzle Instance Slots are available for sale. More things to buy may be added in the future based on interest.

Puzzle Instance Slots

Limited availability at the Puzzle Massive store. Buy Now

A puzzle instance slot is filled with a copy of an existing puzzle. When that puzzle is completed it can then be deleted which will allow the player to pick a new puzzle to fill the puzzle instance slot. The player can share the link to the puzzle with friends or have it listed on the site publicly. At anytime, the player can freeze the puzzle which will prevent anyone from moving pieces until the player unfreezes it.

  • Create your own private or public puzzles from existing ones.
  • Set the piece count to how ever many pieces you'd like (limited by image size).
  • Share the link to your puzzle with your friends.
  • Freeze the puzzle pieces at anytime preventing others from moving them.

Puzzle Instance Slots are available for sale at the Puzzle Massive store hosted on Square. It can take a day or so to manually assign them to your player account after purchase. I plan to automate this better in the future.

Sponsor my open source work on the Puzzle Massive project and I'll assign one to you as a thank you.


Use the IQA form if you have questions. I'm open to ideas of what to sell here in order to support the project and further development.

Support small businesses and artists. These are just a few websites of various artists that have inspired me.