Volunteer Positions

These are the open positions that you can apply for. These are all unpaid positions as I am not getting any substantial amount of money from running this site at the moment. Consider these positions as a great way to get more experience and build up awesome karma points by volunteering.

If you would like to apply for any of these send me an informal message through this contact form, or email me j...@weboftomorrow.com.

UX Designer

Will be improving the user interface of the existing Puzzle Massive website. There is much room for improvement here! The job will also entail creating new designs for upcoming features.

Quality Assurance Engineer (Beta Tester)

Love finding everything that is wrong with the Puzzle Massive website? Great! Come join the team and help improve the quality of it for all the other players. Candidates will have access to the reported issues and be able to create new issues. They will also be the first to try out new features before the masses get a hold of them.

Jigsaw Puzzle Artist

Obviously, this site relies on artwork that make good jigsaw puzzles. Good puzzles require knowing what makes a jigsaw puzzle fun. You will have the ability to create jigsaw puzzles from the images you submit.