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Creating Puzzles

This is a short guide on how to choose the right images to use for a puzzle. There are some restrictions on images that can be used. Most images found online are copyrighted and may or may not allow being used on another web site like this one. Also, images that have questionable content will not be permitted.

If using an image that you found on a different website, then make sure to copy the link to a page that has the copyright information.  This is usually required, in fact it's the only way I'll know that the image can be used. If it's an image that you made and don't have a link to it, then just make sure you state that in the description. There is no need to put your name in, if you don't want to.

Creative Commons

Learn more about some of the creative common licenses at their website: Creative Commons

Good websites that host images

The following are some websites that usually have some good images with copyrights that allow using the image elsewhere.

  • Unsplash - Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos.
  • - look for their creative commons. Or search for images in the public domain.
  • google image search?
  • others? send me some feedback if you know of others and I'll add it here.

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