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Player Bit Icons

Each player has the option to pick a bit icon that represents them on the puzzle. The site uses these predefined icons instead of letting players upload their own.


Martin Berube

The majority of icons used are from Martin Berube. Here are some examples: food-cheese sports-Volleyball character-King animal-crocodile vehicle-police

Homepage: How to draw funny cartoons. Simple guide to improve your drawing skills. Portfolio: Martin Berube profile on IconArchive Icon Count: 157 Icons used: animal-alligator, animal-ant, animal-bat, animal-bear, animal-bee, animal-bird, animal-bull, animal-bulldog, animal-butterfly, animal-cat, animal-chicken, animal-cow, animal-crab, animal-crocodile, animal-deer, animal-dog, animal-donkey, animal-duck, animal-eagle, animal-elephant, animal-fish, animal-fox, animal-frog, animal-giraffe, animal-gorilla, animal-hippo, animal-horse, animal-insect, animal-lion, animal-monkey, animal-moose, animal-mouse, animal-owl, animal-panda, animal-penguin, animal-pig, animal-rabbit, animal-rhino, animal-rooster, animal-shark, animal-sheep, animal-snake, animal-tiger, animal-turkey, animal-turtle, animal-wolf, character-Alien, character-Angel, character-Baby, character-Boxer, character-Chef, character-Clown, character-Dad, character-Devil, character-Doctor, character-Dragon, character-Firefighter, character-Ghost, character-Girl, character-Kid, character-King, character-Knight, character-Lawyer, character-Leprechaun, character-Man, character-Mermaid, character-Monster, character-Ninja, character-Nurse, character-Pirate, character-Policeman, character-Prince, character-Princess, character-Queen, character-Robot, character-Santa, character-Snowman, character-Superhero, character-Teacher, character-Troll, character-Vampire, character-Werewolf, character-Witch, character-Zombie, food-apple, food-apricot, food-banana, food-cake, food-candy, food-cheese, food-cherry, food-chocolate, food-coffee, food-cookie, food-corn, food-egg, food-grapes, food-hamburger, food-ice-cream, food-orange, food-pie, food-pizza, food-pop-corn, food-raspberry, food-soda, food-strawberry, food-tomato, food-watermelon, sports-Badminton, sports-Ballet, sports-Baseball, sports-Basketball, sports-Bowling, sports-Boxing, sports-Cricket, sports-Curling, sports-Cycling, sports-Golf, sports-Hockey, sports-Pool, sports-Racing, sports-Rugby, sports-Sailing, sports-Skating, sports-Skiing, sports-Soccer, sports-Squash, sports-Surfing, sports-Tennis, sports-Volleyball, sports-Wrestling, unknown-bit, vehicle-airplane, vehicle-ambulance, vehicle-balloon, vehicle-bicycle, vehicle-boat, vehicle-bus, vehicle-canoe, vehicle-car, vehicle-firetruck, vehicle-helicopter, vehicle-motorcycle, vehicle-police, vehicle-rocket, vehicle-scooter, vehicle-skateboard, vehicle-snowmobile, vehicle-submarine, vehicle-subway, vehicle-tank, vehicle-taxi, vehicle-train, vehicle-truck, vehicle-unicycle, vehicle-van, vehicle-zeppelin

Mackenzie Deragon

Here are some examples: mackenzie-BlackBear mackenzie-Cloud_Happy mackenzie-EvilGnome mackenzie-smudge mackenzie-SunFlower

Google+ Profile Icon Count: 42 Icons used: mackenzie-BlackBear, mackenzie-BrownBear, mackenzie-Cloud_Happy, mackenzie-Cloud_Mad, mackenzie-Cloud_Sad, mackenzie-Dolphin_Blue, mackenzie-Dolphin_Purple, mackenzie-Elephant, mackenzie-EvilGnome, mackenzie-FuzzyMonster_Blue, mackenzie-FuzzyMonster_Green, mackenzie-FuzzyMonster_Pink, mackenzie-FuzzyMonster_Purple, mackenzie-Giraffe, mackenzie-Horse_Black, mackenzie-Horse_BlackPinto, mackenzie-Horse_Brown, mackenzie-Horse_BrownPinto, mackenzie-Horse_Tan, mackenzie-Horse_White, mackenzie-Kitty, mackenzie-Koala, mackenzie-Panda, mackenzie-Paper_Airplane, mackenzie-Pig, mackenzie-PolarBear, mackenzie-Seahorse_Blue, mackenzie-Seahorse_Green, mackenzie-Seahorse_Red, mackenzie-Starfish_Blue, mackenzie-Starfish_Green, mackenzie-Starfish_Pink, mackenzie-Starfish_Purple, mackenzie-SunFlower, mackenzie-Sun_Cool, mackenzie-Sun_Happy, mackenzie-TeddyBear, mackenzie-Toucan, mackenzie-Walrus, mackenzie-smudge, mackenzie-vampy, mackenzie-werewolf

Other Icons

Paint Can by Alex Valdivia from the Noun Project

Image by Tony Wallström from the Noun Project

minimize by Tony Wallström from the Noun Project

Full Screen by Tony Wallström from the Noun Project

Arrow Left by Tony Wallström from the Noun Project

Info Circle by Tony Wallström from the Noun Project

Software stack

For the curious.

  • nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server.
  • SQLite is a self-contained, high-reliability, embedded, full-featured, public-domain, SQL database engine.
  • Redis is an open source (BSD licensed), in-memory data structure store, used as a database, cache and message broker.
  • Flask A microframework based on Werkzeug, Jinja2 and good intentions
  • Jinja2 The Jinja2 template engine
  • Chill Cascading, Highly Irrelevant, Lost Llamas
  • Slab Massive experimental web component
  • piecemaker Create jigsaw puzzle pieces
  • pixsaw Cut a picture into pieces by cutting along pixel lines
  • Javascript libraries in use: lit-html Hammer.js, jscolor, reqwest, lazysizes

Hosted on a Digital Ocean cloud server. Uses Unsplash API when creating a jigsaw puzzle from an Unsplash photo.

I started this project on November 27, 2010; took a bit of a break around 2013 through 2016 and have been doing a lot of changes since May of 2016. The project is now open source under the GNU Affero General Public License . The source code is available at Previous git commit history is linked from this commit comment with a link to the old archived project.

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I mainly work on this as a side project I do for fun. It has been a great help to me in order to learn more about web development. The Puzzle Massive project is open to others to contribute improvements to.

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