About Puzzle Massive

This is a hobby project of Jake Hickenlooper. You can contact me through the social network links or use this contact form.

I made up some questions and answers if the answers that you have questions for are found here… then maybe that is useful.

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The boring history of the project

The idea of a online multiplayer jigsaw puzzle is quite simple; drag a piece from one location to another, see that change happen for everyone else viewing the page. Right, so you save the coordinates after the player moves the piece and publish that to all of the players that are subscribed to that jigsaw puzzle. Handle the complexity of joining pieces... somehow. Oh, and each puzzle piece shape should be randomly generated. Which also means that players should have the ability to create puzzles from any picture they want. Throw in some quick thread handling, so the web application can continue serving requests while a puzzle is generating... and well, it's no longer a simple application.

So, this all started around 2011 as a side project. It's been through a few revisions, but still carries some old ways of doing things. The project is now getting more attention as I'm improving the user interface as well as the server side code.

I am still working on this as a side project and work on it when I can. The upcoming feature list is like a massive jigsaw puzzle that I enjoy working on. Some pieces are simple to join together, and others require more effort.

Learn more about this project here on this short article I wrote about it